About Us

Blingkraft is an innovative consumer brand creating contemporary jewellery and accessories that enable self-expression and celebrate beauty, grace and positivity in our world. We design our products for personal storytelling in an era in which individuality reigns; our name reflects independence as we believe people are happiest when they are true to themselves and are proud of who they are.

We design and create jewellery for people who ‘Choose Happy’. Who wholeheartedly embrace the different sides of their personalities and celebrate the little things that make them unique and special. With blingkraft jewellery, we strive to create a timeless and emotional connection with our customers, to create pieces that are reminiscent of happy memories or special milestones of their lives.

Unlike most other silver jewelry manufacturers, we embrace quality, creativity, and commitment as the pillars that drive us to offer impeccable products and services to our clients. We always strive to provide jewelry and products that match even the most unique and exclusive specifications of the clients without fail. As we know that each client has unique needs and fashion preferences, we rely on bespoke and tailor-made manufacturing processes to surprise all our clients. What makes us one of the best and most sought-after handmade silver jewelry manufactures is our ability to employ a highly extensive and carefully realized manufacturing process that leaves no room for mediocrity. This is what helps us create comprehensively pure and hallmarked jewelry for all our clients wanting to make their own unique fashion statement wherever they go. Our quality manufacturing process helps us provide the best and most unique looking handmade silver jewelry for all our clients as per their orders as well. We never try to fit the needs and fashion affinities of the clients into a single mold, instead, we serve even the most exigent and exclusive needs of the clients with great care. As such, each and every piece of handmade silver jewelry that we manufacture is able to don a unique charm and signature style to itself making them all the more rare and invaluable. We are always a client’s manufacturer as we are always ready to support the client with any kind of requirements.

This special nature of ours makes us one of the most preferred handmade silver jewelry manufacturers in the whole of the country. A part of it must be attributed to the quality standards that we constantly uphold with all the items that we manufacture for our clients.